Mpix Print Sale

All prints are not the same, and printing quality is something I am very passionate about – possibly a little too much. :) But it truly makes a difference in your photographs, and anything your print for that matter! So, with that being said, Mpix is a wonderful place to get your photographs printed! Their quality is excellent and their prices are reasonable. So when you have access to all of your photos on a CD from your wonderful, talented photographer, that you paid good money to take priceless memories of your family, don’t buy your prints at your local super store or pharmacy. Pay a little more for something you will enjoy looking at and will want to hang all over your house!

They have various sizes and products, but their 4×6 prints are on sale – TODAY ONLY!!! Regularly, you can pay 29 cents for color-corrected, or if your photographer has already done that for you (or you just want a hard copy of everything), pay 19 cents for express prints. The express print option is oh the Prints homepage of their website. Today’s sale gives you 50% off of your entire order. That’s a good deal!

Here’s the coupon code: 4x6SALE12

Happy printing!

sweet baby girl

I love creating birth announcements. I mean, I love it. There is something so refreshing and exciting about all of it. And I really love creating them for people I know. We have been praying for this sweet baby girl for a LONG time. Don’t you just want to kiss her cheeks??


Christmas Card Rewind, part 3

This ornate shaped card is by far one of our most popular luxe shapes, and it’s one of my favorites! (You can still see some of the guidelines, but you get the idea as to how it turns out)! Kate Gavos of Kate Gavos Photography took these photos as well.




This is by far not all of the Christmas cards we did this past season, but I think it’s time to move on! I try to keep the facebook page pretty current, as far as galleries go, but remember, all of these cards were custom! So the client sent in their pictures along with any ideas (if they had any), and we went from there!

Christmas Card Rewind, part 2

Look at these sweet faces! Something fun to remember for those of you who have new babies near Christmas and don’t want to have the expense of Birth Announcements and Christmas cards, is that you can combine your announcement, like we did in the next to last card. We also did a combination of a moving announcement with the scalloped card!

The scalloped shaped card is a favorite of mine, and always turns out so sweet! It is one of the luxe shape options!






The photos in the last two cards were taken by my friend Kate of Kate Gavos Photography.


Christmas Card Season Rewind, part 1

Wow. What an amazing card season we had this (past) year! It is always such a whirlwind and gets pretty hectic around here, but the outcome is SO worth it! I refrain from posting and/or blogging (well, let’s be honest, I didn’t blog much in all of 2011) about the Christmas cards we are designing until after Christmas, because I certainly don’t want to spoil any surprises! So let’s get down to it! I am going to try to play catch up, by posting some of the designs we did this season! I wish I could take the time to tell you all about these sweet families, who are beyond good to me, but I think that would take much, much, too long.

So let’s get down to it! Here are a few to start with! Let’s spread a little JOY…










This category is constantly growing and changing! One of the things offered are Baby Birth Announcements to display, either printed for framing, or even mounted on beautiful bevel boards. I have also started making Family Calendars and/or Message Boards that are printed onto dry erase material.

Holiday Cards

It’s fun to send out cards throughout the year, updating family and friends with pictures!


Wedding Event Invitations, Announcements & Save the Dates

There is so much preparation that goes into a wedding, and I love being a part of every little celebration! There are endless options for save-the-dates, engagement invitations, bridal shower and luncheon invitations, etc!


There is so much preparation that goes into a wedding, and I love being a part of every little celebration! There are endless options for save-the-dates, engagement invitations, bridal shower and luncheon invitations, etc!

I would be honored to be a part of your special day and all that it entails {paper-wise}. I also offer ensemble discounts if you are needing coordinating items.


In a time where we are sending thousands of text and Facebook messages a month, it’s nice to send (and receive) a handwritten note.

Also available, are fill-in-the-blank thank you notes for children.